Saturday, February 3, 2007

What? No free Internet?

Sorry, no photo of the hallway. Yet. I've stayed at the Four Seasons in Mountain View, California. It's at the virtual epicenter of Silicon Valley, as indicated by its snappy moniker. It's not cheap, it's beautiful, the staff is accomodating and super nice, and the halls are pretty. Here's my beef. They charge for internet access. Tut tut. The Doubletree in Memphis has free wifi for goodness sakes.


Jennifer said...

I HATE that, too. I was in Paris in a hotel that advertised in-room internet access. Great! But they left out that they charge for it. A great hotel, but for the price they could throw in the wifi. BEEF!

piter said...

Now a days all due to competition all hotels are providing as many facilities as possible. I think it is bad that this hotel is charged on Internet access.

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