Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lousy Hotel Room Coffee.

From The Raw Feed:
"In-Room Hotel Coffee Pots Used As "Meth Labs".

Did that coffee you brewed last time you stayed in a hotel taste funny? Local cops in Alabama warn travelers to avoid using the coffee pots in hotel rooms, because sometimes drug dealer types use the pots as MINI-METH LABS".

I'd add that you shouldn't freak out. Much hotel "coffee" is really hideous. It might not be left-over meth after all.


xrae said...

Stayed at a brand new, but low-end, "extended stay" property in Nashville once and the small pipes that usually bring hot and cold water from the wall to the bathroom sink were missing. They had been sawn off. We alerted the management who pretty much said, "Eh, happens all the time. It's a drug thing."

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