Monday, February 5, 2007

Atlanta Residence Inn

Marriott goes three for three, this time in the guise of a Residence Inn (owned by Marriott). Come on in and live here for a while. This artfully assembled hallway features subtly-shaded striped wallpaper and a boldly-patterned carpet designed to do one or two things: First, the bold pattern is like a road map for businessmen who've spent a little too much time at the free drinks section of their regional convention down the hall. It keeps them from making inadvertent right or left turns before they get to their room. The second is that the pattern is famous for hiding vomit stains.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I remember this hallway. I remember stumbling down it with Frank from accounting, and even though I had a little too much to drink, it was the psychedelic pattern (well, that's the way it looked when it was spinning) that made me vomit and ruined my chances with Frank. Next year, we're going to Dollywood

Casey said...

vomit is never a reason to end romantic relations.