Friday, February 13, 2009

The Claremont

The Claremont continues its streak of failing to recognize me. I imagine this must sound like I'm an egomaniac, but it just mystifies me that after 5 years of regular stays (at least 10 a year, I'd guess) they'd welcome me back as a loyal customer. But no.

The Christmas decorations have been replaced by a piano that no appears to have been hired to play

Otherwise, all is as usual. (Read: a little weird).

1) Someone or thing had a battle with with my curtains.

2) There were a couple of misfitting grates placed on the bathroom window/skylights

I was curious as to why they were there (when I checked in, it was dark), but daylight revealed their true purpose: The local pigeons have selected this particular portion of the roof to be their home at the hotel.

I think the grates keep you from seeing too much pigeon effluvium on your sky light.

One other peculiarity. The Claremont Hotel's background music was lifted from a CD assembled by Stephane Pompougnac for a tres groovy hotel in Paris. The disc is called "Etage 3" Hotel Costes. It's quite nice background music. (A little out of whack with the Claremont's decor, but what the heck.) Here's the disc

(The track that was playing was "A Reminiscent Drive" by Ambrosia.)