Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Props to JW Marriott

Marriott hits for the cycle this week. This is the 7th floor hallway of the JW Marriott in chi-chi Cherry Creek, Colorado. (I think the "JW" addition to the front of "Marriott" means this is the luxe Marriott brand). The official name, by the way, is JW Marriott Denver at Cherry Creek. Gotta give it up for this hotel hallway. The photo, unfortunately doesn't do it justice. (That dang Treo makes everything look green). Here's what makes this hallway a keeper. 1) The elevator banks neatly bisect the hall, thus giving no preferential treatment to people who have to turn right or left. 2) Nice lighting. Though the picture quality may be too poor to show, there are nice wall sconces and ceiling fixtures. The piece (don't know how to do accents, sorry) de resistance are the individual halogens above each doorway. 3) The carpet is basically blue, with gold, green, yellow, beige, red, maroon, orange, pomegranate, and ecru. What a feast of lovely colors. 4) High enough ceilings to make professional basketball players feel at home. I know, because some of the Charlotte Hornets are staying on my floor.