Monday, March 5, 2007

The Berkeley Hotel, Richmond

Some hotel in Richmond, VA, courtesy the still traveling C. Ingle. Note the familiar decor devices we see here. Off-white paint. Beige-ish wallpaper. Patterned carpet. Nothing offensive. Nothing distinctive. Carpet specially selected to hide stains and provide years of use. At least the hallway is short.


Casey said...

if i were running for office, my platform would be:

fuck beige

on a semi-related note...think of the cool creative inspiration from a brief that just said:

fuck (insert competitor here)

fuck toyota, for instance.

design hole said...

I can just smell this hallway. Industrial disinfectant, masking aged vomit with the VOCs emitting toxic fumes off that graffiti-proof wallpaper. This (if you haven't guessed) is my worst nightmare - a hotel with absolutely no design. The CEO said, "Let's make our hotel soooooo boring that it won't even offend the cockroaches!" Egads.