Monday, March 5, 2007

Hotel of the Week: Cayenne Central

Fancy a trip to French Guiana? Perhaps your travels will lead you to the northern part of South America...perchance to visit the European space center, just minutes from Cayenne? If so, you might consider the Cayenne Central hotel. (Their web site is down, unfortunately).

Good news from the outside, anyway: There is no way the halls can be very long.

Here's a snap of the interior, in case you never get there.

Good news: The rooms are soundproof. (Or so they claim).


Jennifer said...

This room is icky looking. I'll bet the remote control for the TV is broken or missing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someday you will report on the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, where a photograph of "Merv Griffin plus at least one other celebrity" adorns the hallways every ten to fifteen feet throughout the building.

Great blog subject - Thx!

misterarthur said...

Thanks! I'll try and make it to Scottdale.