Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo would be worth staying in if only for its location on Lake Como. But since this blog isn't about geography, per se, I'm going to stick to covering what the blog name promises. Halls.

Now this is a hallway:

Ground floor:

Our floor:

I don't think you'd find a carpet like this in a Courtyard by Marriott.

Lovely, n'est-ce pas? The Grand Tremezzo is indeed a grand hotel in the old European tradition. The ceilings are as tall as an airport hanger, and the floors would probably cost more to install today than an entire modular "business center" that seems to be too many modern hotels' main attraction.

Here's the tromp d'oeil section.

This is just the plain part.

As befitting its grandness and tradition, it has a number of intriguing features (probably due to its having been erected in 1910).

1) The mystery switch in the bathroom (I don't know what happens when you pull it - maybe it signals your servants to come to your assistance).

2) These faucets weren't connected to anything specific, as far as I could tell.

It's really a wonderful hotel, in the "grand" European tradition. And a spectacular "breakfast buffet". I don't know what else to call it, but under no circumstances should you think of waffles or cereal. It's more like breakfast heaven.

As is the hotel. Go. Vai! Vai! Book a room now!

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Davezilla said...

Did you hear screams in the adjacent room when you turned the faucets handles?