Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

2008 begins with a chain. And a hotel that pretends to be in two places at once. It seems a little unfair to the weary traveler to cause him to question his place in the universe, but I'm here to tell you that the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta is indeed in Alpharetta, and not in Atlanta, where there's another Marriott, called the Marriott Marquis. Got that? The Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta is pretty new, as is the exurb of Alpharetta itself. It has a sort of grandiose entrance hall. When we arrived, the OSU smackdown by LSU was in full play, with the SEC being loudly supported in the bar.
The hall was like most halls in chain hotels:

that is to say, striped wallpaper and wall to wall carpet with a stain-hiding design down the middle. (In this case, sort of tangerine-ish). My room actually had a hall-ish feature, too. Here's the view from the 'bedroom' to the door:

There wasn't much, honestly, to distinguish the Alpharetta version of the Atlanta Marriott from most other Marriotts, though there was one irritant and two things that struck me as a little out-of-the ordinary.

The irritant: A sink that took forever to drain.

Then, this is the first hotel I've stayed in for ages that has its own laundry area:

I can see this in an extended-stay sort of place, but it seemed rather out of place here. (This was a chi chi Marriott, after all).

Finally, there was the permanent glass of beer by the elevators. The first photo was snapped when I checked in (around 9:30 pm), and the second when I left, at 8:30 am.

I do have a question for Mr. Marriott. There's a pecking order for Marriott hotels, and Courtyard by Marriott is lower caste than a "Marriott". So why why why is internet free at the Courtyard, and not free at the more expensive Marriott? Isn't the general rule that paying more actually gets you more? Maybe it's a Mormon thing.


You've Got To Be Kidding Me said...

I really, really hope that was indeed a glass of "beer."

Anonymous said...

I really like the washing machines. I MUST have clean socks and undies everyday. So I have to wash them in the sink. But that's gross. Plus it doesn't sanitize. The laundry gets really hot. It gets my socks white. I like my socks white.

misterarthur said...

You could always pack a change or two or clothes, you know. Even white ones.