Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Lodge at Sonoma, a Renaissance Resort and Spa by Marriott

The LASARRASBM is a swanky hotel-cum-spa in the heart of California's wine country. I struggled with posting this, because it truly has no hotel hallways, per se. It has sidewalks connecting cottagey units, each with four uppers and four downers. (Not drugs. I'm speaking architecturally.) It's very nice. The Spa portion I cannot speak to, as I didn't have the opportunity to avail myself of its no doubt healing mystical hotstone, massage, mineral bath foot kneading, etc. The resort part was a little skimpy. As far as I could tell, the resort portion consisted of a pool and an inground hot tub. It has some nice conference rooms, (but they're not a resort feature in my mind). There's a nicely flickering gas fire in the large lobby...again, not in and of itself adding to its resortness, but undeniably pleasant. The Lodge at Sonoma, a Renaissance Resort and Spa by Marriott has the tastiest bacon I've ever eaten. If you like bacon, that's reason enough for a visit, resort features be damned. My "cottage" was at the far end of the property. Here's a visual tour of what it takes to get from the cottage to the main building.

1) Descend stairs from cottage

2) Turn left, and walk down path A

2) Turn left again, take a quick right, and walk down path B

3) Turn left and right again, and walk down path C

4) Do a quick zig-zag, and walk down path D

5) Pass the ice machine, which has its own little house.

6) You're in the home stretch now...continue down path E

7) A final zig zag, and you're at the pool. For some reason, you have to go through a gate giving you access to the pool deck.

8) There's your destination. The lobby, restaurant, gift shop, bar, front door, etc.

All is well. Unless, of course, you've forgotten your sunglasses or wallet or something, in which case it will take you 15 minutes or so to complete the return voyage. Enough of this, and you'll need more bacon. Or possibly a facial.


Jennifer at Design Hole said...

I miss the carpet photos.

Omar Cruz said...

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misterarthur said...

Gee, thanks for the compliment, Omar!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The bacon at the Lodge was quite good.

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