Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marriott Waukegan

I gotta give it up to the merry band of web copy writers charged with making the Marriott Waukegan seem inviting and attractive. (Sorry. Official name is Courtyard Chicago Waukegan/Gurnee. Can't you hear the hotel operator?) The number one "highlight" of the hotel, according to the site, is the fact that it's non-smoking. Beyond that, the superlatives begin to fade.

Here are a couple of blurbs:

1) "Enjoy high-speed Internet access, premium pay movies and free in-room coffee. " I know I enjoy premium pay movies.

2) " Or relax in our lobby - a great place to unwind or meet with friends and colleagues." Everyone agrees. the lobbies of Marriott Courtyards are where everyone wants to meet and unwind.
Ah well, they tried.

If you're a serious reader of this blog, you'll notice the pattern's resemblance to the Doubletree in Santa Monica, which is kind of odd, as Doubletrees are owned by Hilton, not Marriott.

Kudos to Davezilla for this excellent shot. (He has a very distinctive style of photography; see Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey photo in earlier post.)


jennifer said...

I concur with your assessment of Davezilla's photographic skills. You get to see the carpet pattern really well. This is much more uplifting than the long, long endless hallway with dim lighting that you find in so many of your ever-so-slightly above average hotels.

Nikki said...

Everything is cooler when you're shooting from that height.

Davezilla said...

I specialize in high-altitude imagery. Google Earth has a deal with me.