Friday, May 4, 2007

Calling The Mayo Clinic

I think the "Hospitality Industry" must have done a massive secret survey of the traveling public and determined that every successful hotel web site must contain four magic words. "In the heart of". Either that or web writers have a secret fear they're going to suddenly collapse onto their keyboards with massive myocardial infarctions.
Here's the evidence, gathered solely from the hotels whose hallways I've posted about below.
According to their respective web sites:

The Amway Grand is "conveniently located in the heart of the downtown Grand Rapids' business and entertainment district"

The Sheraton Crystal City is "..nestled in the heart of Crystal City"

The Doubletree Santa Monica is " the heart of Santa Monica"

The Omni Chicago is "Located in the heart of the "Magnificent Mile"

The Jefferson is "Located in the heart of downtown Richmond Virginia"

The Marriott East Lansing is "Located in the heart of the downtown business district"

As a public service, here are some synonyms for these clearly over-worked writers to use. Middle, nerve center, core, hub, center, and nexus. Feel free to use one.


Davezilla said...

I am currently sitting in the heart of Starbucks.

Dave said...

If cities have a heart, the local hotels should use them. A lot of cities with big hotels don't have hearts. For example, Naperville, Illinois or Troy, Michigan. If you were in the heart of one of these cities, you'd really wonder what the benefit is.

Jennifer said...

I think "in the heart of" has taken over my favorite real estate catch phrase "pride of place" such as: "Pulty homes take pride of place as they are nestled in the heart of...