Thursday, January 8, 2009

Golden Hallway Winner for 2008

I'm not quite as excited about my Golden Hallway Award winner this year. (Last year's winner, the Hotel Gault in Montreal really knocked my socks off). This year, I had a little more trouble deciding on the champ. I wanted to give it to the Claremont for consistently not recognizing me as a repeat customer. (After all, I've been staying there pretty regularly for 4 years). I thought I'd give the Ashton Inn an award for its unspeakably filthy stair carpeting, but thought that might take the luster off this prestigious award.

Ultimately, I give this year's award to the

in Washington, DC. It's a very nice hotel, with the added bonus of leopard-print loungewear available for purchase, and free internet. So three cheers for the Monaco.


Mandy's Kidding said...

Isn't there a Hotel Monaco in Chicago too?

I wonder if they have the leopard-print robes?

Jennifer said...

I think there's one in Monaco. I hope the hotel gives us a free weekend in exchange for this prize. Did you send them their certificate to put behind the reservation desk?

Motels Grants Pass said...

I have stayed in Hotel Monaco and i give it a fair rating. Nice hotel.