Friday, August 1, 2008

Ashton Inn and Suites, Pensacola, Florida

The last hotel I stayed in (see below - the Hotel Monaco in DC) is the current front runner for Golden Hallway 2008. Ashton Inn and Suites is (are?) the leading candidate for the Lead Hallway of 08

When I checked in, I asked the (actually very nice woman) at the front desk if the hotel had wireless. "No," she replied, "but there's internet in the room." That was true, to a certain extent. There was an ethernet jack, but no cable. No cables at the front desk, either. (I asked). So if you do plan on staying at Ashton Inn and Suites, bring your own cable.

Connectivity issues aside, I would advise against selecting Ashton Inn and Suites. (This is really awkward. I keep wanting to write The Ashton Inn, but the official name is Ashton Inn and Suites, so I'm screwed.)

Ashton Inn and Suites has unbelievably filthy carpets. Maybe it's a form of industrial sabotage by the cleaning staff. It's like they decided the grim green walls weren't depressing enough, and felt compelled to underscore the general squalor of the place.

One of my colleagues refused to walk around in his room in his bare feet. The bedspread was made of some 'miracle' fabric that looked oily, and the "pillows" looked like pannini versions of the ones you normally expect in a hotel.

Here are some photos of the stains.

The 'clean, parts of the carpet on the stairs in the photo above are the stair risers. The filthy parts are the treads. Blech. The tile floor on the ground floor was 'nicer'.

To give you an idea of the Kwality of the place, the key cards are sponsored by Domino's.

The "kitchenette" area of my room had some utensils and kitchenware, but there was also a prominent sign alerting guests that while they had been cleaned in a dishwasher, they did not pass state or local sanitizing standards. Yum!

I also liked the in-room coffee. It's a brand I've never heard of. (Perhaps one of those regional specialty things foodies are always salivating over.) Plus, it's got the best slogan ever. I present: Leroy Hill Coffee. "It'll Get Cha (sic) Goin!"

One other thing. Ashton Inns are now available for weekly rentals. Just in case you've been very, very bad.


Jason said...

Interesting, no ethernet cables. I just recently stopped carrying an ethernet cable around with me. Note to self: When traveling to Pensacola, bring ethernet cable.

Daniel Eizans said...

I had a similar lack of ethernet cable in my room at the Hilton in Miami. I had to beg for one at the front desk.

misterarthur said...

I used to carry one, too, but after not using it for three years, decided to leave it at the office.

Davezilla said...

It'll get cha goin'.

Goin' is actually a mild disease transmitted by deer flies, ticks and Leroy Hill Coffee.

Mandy said...

Gah. After reading this, I feel I need a shower.

piter said...

Ashton Inn and suites pictures of night are very interesting. It shows the pictures of inner lobby and the clothing provided in the room.

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