Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hotel Gault, Montreal, QC

Drum roll, please. The winner of the first Hotel Hallways Golden Hallway Award is the Hotel Gault in Montreal, Canada. Thank God I stayed here before the end of the year, or the award would probably have gone unawarded. Here's why it won. Exhibit A, the lovely, naturally-lit fifth floor hall. Simultaneously modern, yet warm.

Exhibit B. The thankfully non-vomit-stain pattern carpet. It's really refreshing to find a hotel that believes its guests will behave like adults and not park the tiger outside their rooms. (See virtually every post below if you don't know what I mean). Look! Unbelievable!

The Hotel Gault's goodness doesn't end with the Hotel Hallways award-winning hallway. The lobby is super cool, too.

Even the front door is tasty

My room's terrace would've been nice, but Montreal Weather didn't cooperate, dumping 30 cm (measure like the Canadians do!) of snow overnight.

A special shout out to the staff, too, who were uniformly pleasant, helpful, and charming.

All the extra groovy people love it, including the paparazzi-shy blogger extraordinaire, the fabulous style guru Jennifer "Design Hole" Mitchell.

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