Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hotel of the week The Sod Hut

This charmer has one room, no hall, no windows, no room service, no magnetic keys, no mini-bar, no tv, no complimentary city guides, no telephone, no business center, no $6.00 bottles of water, no ice machine, no valet parking, no breakfast buffet, no concierge, no reception desk, no conference facilities, no mints on your pillow, no pillow, no sheets, no bed, no tv, no soap, no shampoo, no sewing kit, no lights, no internet access at any price, and no hot or cold running water. Happy April 1.


Design Hole said...

I tried to make a reservation, but the phone was out of order.

Davezilla said...

They look interesting inside. How do these differ from yurts?

misterarthur said...

I think yurts are portable